Manipulating Files

How to Export files (Word Document to PDF format):

  • Open document  you wish to export
  • Click file, then click Save As
  • On the Save As menu, a drop down menu should show,click on the arrow at the right hand side, select (.pdf) from the drop down menu
  • Name the file as outlined by the LEX as per to submission rules
  • Click the Save button
  • The new PDF file will automatically open in your default PDF viewer

For more info, visit:
How to Convert a Word Document to a PDF – How To Geek 

How to convert files to .jpg format (Using Windows):

  • Open the photo you wish to convert
  • Click File, then Save As
  • In the Save As window, choose JPG (.jpg) in the drop down menu underneath the renaming bar
  • Make sure you have the correct naming format to submit your entry
  • Hit the Save button

For more info, visit:
How to Convert an Image to JPG – How To Geek 

Web-based Resources / Apps for Computer Generated Projects

Here are a few easy to use programs that we recommend:

  • Google Apps (Free with Google account)
  • Microsoft Online (Free with Microsoft account)
  • Apple Creative Apps (Free with iCloud)
How to compress photos

How to compress photos using Mac (Apple Products, via Photos App):

  • Open Photo to full screen, click file, select export
  • Select File Export option, choose the format you prefer (ex. jpg)
  • Select size (medium may be the best quality)
  • Name the file the appropriate file name to submit your entry to the LEX

For more info, visit:
5 Ways to Compress Photos on Mac – Software How 

How to compress photos using PC (using word, export to PDF, see tutorial 1)

  • Open Word to a new document, choose insert in the top menu the Insert tab, select Picture, select the file (picture) you want to insert
  • Once the photo is in document, select the format tool under the top bar option of Picture Tools; Select Adjust group, select Compress
  • A pop up option will show up, choose photo resolution or quality, select OK
  • Save document, photo will compress

For more info, visit:
How to Compress JPEG Images – 

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