How Do I Enter?
If you have submitted entries online in previous years, nothing has changed! You will be asked to input all the same information, except this year you will also submit photo or video with your entry. Voila, you’re done!
If you have not submitted entries online before, you need to create a profile at You will be asked for the same information that would be on a physical entry form, except this program will remember your information for next year. Have your photo and video ready to attach when you make your entries, double check your information, and submit! 
How Do I participate in the Community Choice Classes?

We have a long list of Community Choice social media classes this fall, including the Rabbit Show, the Best Dressed Calf classes, and the Butter Sculpture! Submit your votes via social media by following us on Instagram and Facebook. Not sure how to create a profile, tag us, post a story, or send a DM? Visit our Basics of Social Media page for help!

Trouble attaching a File?

We have a variety of file formats to choose from when submitting photos and video. If you are having trouble submitting a file, chances are it’s simply in a format that AssistExpo doesn’t support. Fear not! Visit our Tech Resources page for more information on how to convert files. 

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