Little Scavengers Hunt (Kids Ages 5 & under)
Little Scavengers Hunt (Age 5 & Under)
  1. Find something orange
  2. Find something red that you can touch
  3. Find something green
  4. Find a yellow flower
  5. Find a black bird
  6. Something purple that you can wear
  7. Find an animal that is black and white
  8. Find something red that tastes sweet
  9. Find something that clucks
  10. Find something colourful in the sky
  11. Find a brown animal that is bigger than you
  12. Find a multicoloured animal that is smaller than your hand
  13. Find something that is green and fell from a tree
  14. Find something that is my favourite colour
  15. Find a vegetable that is orange
Community Scavenger Hunt
  1. Picture with a Clydesdale Horse (LEX Filter)
  2. Picture with a field of any crop
  3. Picture of a ‘Share the Road’ Sign
  4. Picture with Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream
  5. Picture of a past news article/story about LEX
  6. Picture with LEX sign
  7. Picture with Trains at Memorial Park in Lindsay
  8. Picture at the Locks/Trent Severn Waterway
  9. Picture with a combine
  10.  Selfie with hay bales
  11. Picture with a field of corn
  12. Picture with the Stewart Morrison Insurance sign
  13. Picture with antique farm machinery
  14. Picture at Crayola Gardens in Lindsay
  15. Picture at the Victoria Railway Historical Plaque in Lindsay
  16. Picture at the Academy Theatre, Lindsay
  17. Picture at a Woolen Mill Shop
  18. Picture at Buttertarts ‘n’ More in Little Britain
  19. Picture of an OFA member, 4H member sign, or a Century Farm sign
  20. Picture of a Farmers Market
Little Bit Bigger Scavenger Hunt (Kids Ages 6-12)
Little Bit Bigger Scavengers Hunt (Age 6 - 12)
  1. Picture of an article (newspaper/online) related to farming/agriculture
  2. Take a selfie with a pet
  3. Picture of a Milkweed plant
  4. Picture of an apple tree
  5. Picture of a flower
  6. Picture of a body of water
  7. Picture with a cow (Check out our LEX Instagram filter)
  8. Picture with a chicken (Check out our LEX Instagram filter)
  9. Picture with a sheep (Check out our LEX Instagram filter)
  10. Picture of a sunset
  11. Picture of a Trans-Canada Trail Sign
  12. Picture of a School Zone Sign
  13. Picture of you reading a book
  14. Picture with a tractor
  15. Selfie with Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream
  16. Picture in front of your school
  17. Picture with a historic building in Lindsay (or CKL)
  18. Picture of a plant or vegetable that you helped grew
  19. Picture of a plant in your backyard
  20. Picture of a plant that Bees like

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