Technologies of War

Curated by Mr. Jimmy Chapman
2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the allied victory in World War II. It has been 75 years since the world defeated the failed ideologies of fascism that resulted in the deaths of 70-85 million people world-wide. 

Everyone suffered in that conflict and Canada’s history reflects that. Refugees from all over the world settled in Canada following WWII. 

Canada’s history therefore includes artifacts and stories from all sides of that awful conflict, as the artifacts exhibited here reflect

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Canadian Paratrooper

Canadian Paratrooper Helmet

From Left to Right:
1. German Crimean Campaign Shield 
2. German Narvik Campaign Shield
3. German Demjansk Campagin Shield 

Top, From Left to Right:
1. Japanese Good Conduct Medal
2. Japanese Order of the Sacred Temple
3. 1914-1920 War Medals

Bottom, From Left to Right:
1. German 25 year Faithful Service Award
2. German Iron Cross 2nd Class
3. German Luftschutz 2nd Class

Polish Medals

From Left to Right:
1. Canadian, French, and German Star
2. Canadian 1939-1945 Star
3. Canadian Dog Tags (Identification)

From Left to Right:
1. Canadian Wesley .38 Tankers Model
2. Russian TT33 Tokarev

German Handguns, From Left to Right:
1. German P38 Walther
2. German P08 LugerGerman 

Bren Gun

MG42 Machine Gun

Top (Top to Bottom):
1. Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet (early war)
2. Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet (late war)
3. Russian Cossack Sabre
4. Japanese Katana Officer Sword
Bottom, Left to Right:
1. German SS Dagger
2. German SA Dagger
3. German Heer (Army) Dagger
4. Herman Hitler Youth Knife
5. Italian Fascists Dagger
6. Canadian Paratrooper Stiletto

German M40 Chicken Wire Camouflage Army Helmet

Top, Left to Right:
1. German SS M40 Helmet
2. German NSKK Helmet
3. German M40 Army Helmet
Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Spanish Army Helmet
2. Italian M33 Army Helmet
3. Japanese Army Helmet
4. Romanian Army Helmet

German NSKK Helmet

German SS Helmet

Rally Poster

German People 1st Knights

Posters published throughout Britain to help citizens identify the enemy

New Testament Bible and Inside Cover issued to each Enlisted Soldier

Dutch Arm Band

Ration Ticket

Canadian Army Pay Book

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